The Internet of Careers®, Powered by Velocity

Joynd has joined the Velocity Network Foundation® in delivering a global blockchain network for verifiable and trusted career credentials. This blockchain network will provide a trusted, private and easier means for individuals to take ownership of their verifiable career credentials, choose whether to share them, and decide how that data is used by others.

Get to know the Velocity Network Foundation

Aspirational Video

Take 2 minutes to learn about the inspiration behind and the massive potential of the Velocity Network.

Founding Members

A 4-minute video featuring some of Velocity’s founding members (AON, Cornerstone, Korn Ferry, Randstad, SAP).

Wallet Demo

A 10-minute demo of a generic wallet, though many third-parties will develop branded wallets.

Velocity Whitepaper

We recommend the Vision, Executive Summary, The Internet of Careers, and The Velocity Network sections.

Joynd's Role in the Consortium

As a Credential Agent Operator, Joynd establishes a connection to your application via your existing API’s and exchanges verifiable credentials with the Velocity Network.
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Blockchain for Assessment Vendors Webinar

On April 18, 2023, we recorded a webinar called Blockchain for Assessment Vendors, covering the following topics:

  • What is blockchain?

  • What role will blockchain technology play in the HR industry, specifically for assessment vendors?

  • What is the Velocity Network?

  • How can assessment organizations take advantage of blockchain opportunities?

Questions about the webinar?