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We help make work lives better, starting with yours.

Very few companies do exactly what we do, and Joynd offers a unique, enriching work experience. Come and be part of a highly specialized team working in one of the hottest changemaking spaces: HR technology.

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Who we are

Joynd is an Integration-as-a-Service company serving the $35B Work Tech market. Our team of 30 is fully remote, living across North America and beyond. We employ people who are just beginning their careers and those with decades of experience. Joynd team members possess a fundamental belief that success comes from supporting and helping each other, creating an atmosphere where you will look forward to digging in!

What we do

Joynd is 100% dedicated to HR integrations, and boasts the largest library of HR vendor connectors in the industry. Integrations not only reduce the tedium of repetitive data entry, but also enable companies to choose the applications that best suit their goals. Integrations can be transformational for an organization and its people.

How integrations help

“We make better hires. We manage people better. We manage teams better. And that supports the ultimate goal of HR: assisting Logicalis U.S. in becoming a high performing company. It really has changed the way we do business.”

— Craig Perry, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition & HRIS, Logicalis U.S.

What makes Joynd special?

Damian, New Zealand

As one of the more recent hires at Joynd, I was impressed by the amount of autonomy and responsibility that you get from the beginning. It helps build confidence, trust, and a mastery of your subject.

Joe, USA

We didn’t just survive 2020, but we thrived, due to the astounding depth of experience and care on this team. We supported each other however it was needed, something that was modeled from the top.

Heather, Canada

I love that Joynd has been fully remote since the start, which means that every person who works here was hired because they were the right person for the job, and we’ve also built the best virtual office from the ground up.

Our mission is to give companies their choice of HR solutions so that people can focus on the best parts of their jobs
We use technology to solve problems in creative ways, and there is joy in making it happen.

Open Roles

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