Connect Fit2Work and Taleo BE

Joynd’s standard integration between Fit2Work and Taleo BE enables you to initiate the screening request and see the results from within Taleo BE.

Connect these two platforms in as little as 24-48 hours, with a special bonus offer: Choose this rapid deployment and we will waive the setup fee*.

*Offer only available for the integrations listed in the Marketplace, with a contracted term.

Taleo BE

What does the integration look like?

  • The integration looks for candidates who have been moved to a predefined stage in the ATS (e.g. Initiate Background Check), extracts candidate details and sends to Fit2Work.

  • Fit2Work will trigger an email to the candidate to review, complete and consent to their background check order.

  • Fit2Work will provide Joynd with a notification when there is a change in the background check status (e.g. if the link was successfully sent or if it failed to send).

  • When the candidate has submitted the information required for the background check, Fit2Work will complete checks, and provide Joynd with a status update and a report URL to post to your ATS.

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Fit2Work and Taleo BE.

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