An HR Integration Success Story

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iCIMS® and Predictive Index(TM) Integration

“We are constantly being asked to do more with less, so this particular integration was a home run for us because the assessments were a valuable but time intensive part of the hiring process.”

— Craig Perry | Senior Director Talent Acquisition and HRIS Logicalis US

Craig Perry is not your typical HR person. As a former developer, he understands the nuts and bolts of the technology he uses. But Craig also works on the HR front line and understands the impact that tools and processes have on the HR staff.

When the time came to update the Logicalis ATS system, Craig wanted an ATS that could handle third-party applications in a flexible and efficient manner. He envisioned a process that would make everyone’s lives easier by finding the right technology and letting it do the work.

When Logicalis selected iCIMS® for its new ATS, Craig sought an integrtation with The Predictive Index(TM) (PI), as an assessment platform that he had championed to great success across Logicalis US. Processing an average of 500 PI assessments in a year, Craig observed how time consuming it was for the recruiters to log in and out (and in and out again) to transfer data from the PI portal to the desktop and then from the desktop to the ATS. He saw opportunity in the form of an API connector between iCIMS and PI which would create an automated, holistic experience resulting in “an incredible amount of efficiency and value.”

Tedious No More

On the recommendation of a vendor partner, Craig contacted Joynd to handle the integration. Upon completion of the project, recruiters no longer had to do the tedious (and sometimes error-prone) manual processing from the PI portal into the ATS portal, nor the additional labour of sending PI’s Job Target Matching and Interview Guide to the hiring manager. Furthermore, hiring managers now have access to candidate profiles from the point of submission – powerful data that they’ve either never had before or had to wait for the recruited to manually process for them.

Aside from the time savings and process efficiency, Craig describes one of the most powerful benefits of this integration: “Because we are giving more of this information to our people quickly and up front, they’re all becoming more engaged in PI. They want to do more and they want to learn more. They want to understand all of the valuable information we are giving them.”

Continues Perry, “As a result, we make better hires. We manage people better. We manage teams better. And that supports the ultimate goal of HR: assisting Logicalis in becoming a high performing company. You’ll only get there when your people, tools and processes are exemplary. It really has changed the way we do business.”

This transformative experience is not new to Joynd, a company that is dedicated to HR/recruiting integrations and prides itself on service. Allison Munro was the Implementation Manager who worked with Logicalis, iCIMS, and PI to guide the integration.

“Alison was one of the most ‘on top of things’ project managers I have ever worked with,” says Craig. “As fast as I would send an email, within moments I’d get a detailed and accurate response. From the quotes to the scopes of work, Allison was on point with what needed to be done, what she needed from me and others, and when. I’ve done a lot of projects and this was one of the smoother ones. I loved the fact that as we came across any issues, they were handled immediately.”

“Allison [from Joynd] was extremely engaged, extremely knowledgeable, and the follow up was probably the best I’ve ever encountered.” – Craig Perry

As a self-professed process improvement enthusiast, Craig has found that sometimes vendors will push back on his vision for efficiency, saying they’re years away from fruition. “That’s what I loved about working with Joynd. They improved a business process for us very quickly, by listening and being engaged and taking action. I felt very confident that if I contacted them with a request, I’d get a quick, robust answer, and typically it’s going to be a yes, which is a word I love a lot.” 

Craig’s pursuit of excellence is fueled by experience, by feedback from his organization and a by desire to serve the HR community at large: “If I have a vision and feel strongly about it – especially based on surveys from the HR team – I’m pretty confident that it’s going to provide value. If HR is not providing value to the end user, then what are we doing?  I don’t think enough people know what’s available out there like Joynd and what integrations can do, so if this helps educate other adopters, it’s my personal giveback to the HR industry.” 

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