Webinar - July 22 at 1pm EST Integrating Thomas using Joynd

Whether the topic of “HR Integrations” is mysterious or magical to you, join our upcoming webinar to dispel the mystery and leverage the magic! 

As the official integration partner for Thomas, Joynd brings many years of HR-specific knowledge to this session, so that you will come away feeling confident about the subject and enthusiastic about how integrations can help your organization deliver and compete.

Integrating Thomas using Joynd

This is the event that will de-mystify integrations and demonstrate how they can deliver a huge return on your technology investment, with specific use cases for Thomas assessments.

This educational webinar, hosted by a panel of integration experts at Joynd, is a 60-minute live session delivered via Zoom.

  • Step through the candidate/recruiter experience when Thomas is integrated with the industry’s leading ATS vendors.
  • Learn about the benefits of integrations, beyond the obvious (both quantitative and qualitative).
  • Share your own challenges and success stories with fellow Thomas users.
  • Take the opportunity to ask all your integration questions during the Q&A session with a panel of longtime experts.

Featuring a panel of experts from Joynd