Connect SAP SuccessFactors and Beamery

You’ve invested a lot of money into a best-of-breed ATS and leading HCM software.

Make sure you’re getting the full functionality of both, and the most out of your investment, by ensuring they’re connected.

SAP SuccessFactors

What does the integration look like?

  • Advertise SuccessFactors Jobs within Beamery for Sourcers so they do not have to work in both systems (synched hourly based on status, position level, department).
  • When a candidate progresses through the hiring process in SuccessFactors, this is communicated back to Beamery so that sourcers in Beamery are aware of the candidate’s status on current applications. This helps determine if the candidate is available to be sourced for other vacancies (synched hourly based on employer’s criteria).
  • SuccessFactors candidates that were not hired (silver medalists) get included in Beamery for future opportunities (synched hourly based on status (candidate vs. employee)).
  • Terminated employees that are eligible for rehire get included in Beamery for future opportunities (synched hourly based on status (former employee)).

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SAP SuccessFactors and Beamery.

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