An HR Integration Success Story

Harqen - Helping Companies Get Top Talent Faster

Integrating Harqen with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

“Our client’s new ATS provider recommended that we look at [Joynd] as a solution. Because Joynd had already built out an integration with the ATS, we would be able to complete our integration with those existing connectors within the required timeline. This was obviously a win-win option for both Harqen and our client.”

— Harqen

Harqen helps companies get top talent faster

Harqen provides a suite of smart interviewing and assessment solutions that help organizations improve their hiring process. Through on-demand interviewing, which allows job candidates to record their interviews using their smartphone or computer, employers can automate the most cumbersome aspects of the hiring timeline – namely the prescreening process.

Harqen’s platform can eliminate the initial bottleneck that recruiters encounter when working to schedule, conduct, and process prescreen interviews. The effect is a shortening of the hiring timeline and a freeing of recruiting resources that can help recruiters better focus on winning the competition for talent.

To extend these capabilities even further, Harqen also offers a toolset of predictive technologies that leverage machine learning to deliver even deeper insights into which candidates are likely to be successful hires. 

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Harqen has been helping clients of all sizes improve their hiring process since 2009.

Real World Problems

We had a valued client of ours go through a significant transition which involved switching to a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and consolidating multiple sister companies to also use the same platform. Their goal, of course, stemmed from wanting to create a more seamless process for their entire hiring operation.

The challenge for Harqen was ensuring that our on-demand interviewing solution would remain an integrated part of our client’s process. 

This included a technical integration to ensure a seamless experience for recruiters when utilizing Harqen’s features, from sending interview invites out to candidates to reviewing the recorded interviews within the ATS itself.

In order to build in a custom integration, we needed a certain level of access and support from our client’s new ATS provider, which proved to be difficult, as often is the case when working with large, enterprise software companies. 

“The biggest challenge while we worked around these particular obstacles, however, was meeting our client’s timeline for deploying their new ATS.”

Scope Changes, Timelines Set in Stone

Because our client had a planned implementation, they had already identified key milestones for development, testing, and going live, which were pretty set in stone. It was extremely important to our client that we were able to hit those milestones.

To Joynd’s credit, they moved quickly to understand the requirements and start the project. They were collaborative and extremely responsive in building out this project. As is common with any development project, new requirements were added after the project began. Joynd did a great job working with us to accommodate these out of scope changes.

Meeting Needs and Building Trust

This is a great example of how both Harqen and Joynd were able to work together to quickly accommodate and address very specific requirements and demands. This includes reacting to shifting requirements and completing the project within deadline. 

Ultimately, meeting client needs is key and being able to deliver on those objectives is how you build trust with your clients.

Harqen’s Take on Integrations

While ATS integration isn’t required to use the Harqen platform (we have a very robust platform with a user-friendly experience) it can certainly be advantageous in many cases. For one, using multiple software systems to work through a single process can add a layer of friction. 

Integration with an ATS simply makes things easier. We are proud in the fact that we help organizations compress their hiring timeline so they are able to engage with top talent in their applicant pool faster. Integration with an ATS furthers this goal by making the process and experience that much cleaner.

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