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3 Benefits of TalentQuest Integrations

The primary reason that companies invest in HR integrations is to save time, and hence money. But the impact of that time savings can reach far across the organization, providing benefits for the entire employee life cycle and contributing to the successful pursuit of HR strategies.

Joynd is proud to partner with TalentQuest as their integration partner, providing Employee Sync and Assessment integrations for shared customers with Ceridian Dayforce, Greenhouse, JazzHR, Taleo Enterprise, and UKG Pro/Ready*.

These integrations can provide a vast number of benefits; these are the top three as cited by Joynd customers:

  1. Reduced candidate dropoff by automatically sending the TalentQuest assessment (and returning the results to the ATS) without relying on a recruiter’s schedule or creating excess manual data entry.
  2. Create a more efficient and accurate onboarding experience by synchronizing employee data into TalentQuest that was captured during the hiring process. 
  3. Unlock the power of an HR technology investment by reducing the number of logins and application-switching tasks, enabling employees to focus on TalentQuest functionality and the higher-value tasks that make for a happier work environment.

* The type of integration offered will depend upon the source/target application. Many other ATS vendors may be available for integration with TalentQuest through Joynd.

About TalentQuest: TalentQuest provides an HR solution that helps companies scale. A Talent Management and Development platform that automates traditional talent processes, leverages behavioral science, generates prescriptive insights and guidance, and allows organizations to shift from a one-size-fits-all to an individualized approach to talent management and development. From recruiting and behavioral assessments to performance, learning, compensation, and succession, TalentQuest provides end-to-end Talent Management designed to develop and empower employees, managers, and leaders. Learn more at https://www.talentquest.com/.

About Joynd: Joynd is an integration middleware solution provider that is dedicated to delivering repeatable HR integrations. Joynd removes the burden of development from vendors so that they can focus on their core product while being able to fulfill their customers’ integration needs. Joynd’s integrations help employers to more effectively find, hire, and onboard the right people into the right jobs, creating a more rewarding work experience and happier lives. Learn more at https://www.joynd.io