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Intradiem: Careful Decisions for Caring Results (Greenhouse/UKG integration)

Intradiem believes that Customer Service teams are the heart of a company and its brand, playing a central and strategic role in a company’s success. And while technology and AI can contribute to improvements and efficiencies, Intradiem’s solutions also tap into our human need to interact and problem solve together.  

Given their mission, it’s no surprise that Intradiem is guided by a servant’s heart perspective in all that they do: from how they bring folks onto their team to how those folks treat their customers in turn. When it was time to upgrade their HR applications, this culture of service informed each step of the way.

The All-in-One Experience with Best-of-Fit Applications

When choosing their new systems, Intradiem assessed the many options offered by different platforms, seeking the platform that would suit both their business needs and service-first culture. They chose Greenhouse and UKG Ready, and as Intradiem’s chosen integration partner, Joynd had the pleasure of speaking with NIkita Desai, People Partner at Intradiem, about the deployment experience.

It turned out that UKG was not able to offer the desired integration services without additional fees, and they recommended a 3rd party to help out. When Intradiem learned the Greenhouse was already going to use Joynd for their side of the integration, it seemed like a natural fit for Joynd to be that 3rd party for both sides.

While Joynd offers a boxed/rapid integration for Greenhouse and UKG Ready, it quickly became apparent that Intradiem needed a more robust set of processes integrated in order to get the most ROI from their technology investment – and the optimal user experience. 

The Other Side of Challenging Times

Likewise, Joynd strives to deliver caring, wise, and visionary integration experiences. Intradiem’s integration was led by Joynd’s Director of Implementations, Allison Munro, who Nikita deemed “amazing”, especially in challenging times.

It was sometimes difficult to get access to the necessary technical resources, with documentation for the platforms not always being up to date or accurate, and tracking down support people also presenting a challenge. 

Throughout all this, Nikita says the Joynd experience was amazing: “Allison was awesome in terms of knowledge and a rockstar with everlasting patience during a long process”.  

And now on the other side of it, Intradiem has seen some process efficiencies already: if they update job titles or cost centers, it now updates automatically in Greenhouse, and when they have a new user, their profile is created (and terminated if needed). Now they only need to update in one system and the data will flow through the rest.

Doing Everything Right Every Step of the Way

Nikita shares that the implementation of these new HR applications marked a huge change for Intradiem, and with a relatively new HR team in place, due diligence was vital.

In Nikita’s words, “We always want to make sure we are doing things right. Whatever is going to make things easier and more efficient. Cost is always a factor, but we make our choices very carefully. This integration was going to take a lot of manual processes off our plate and so we did not hesitate to go with all of the services that Joynd had to offer in order to make our lives easier.”

They feel comfortable and happy that they’re getting a good end result – even though the implementation is still very new – and their diligence and careful step-taking will certainly pay off.