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Get to know an Integration Services Specialist

The first in our series profiling the people of Joynd, meet Easton Korver.

Easton, what do you do for your job?

The best comparison I can think of is a Lego set designer. Sometimes the sets are simple and have instructions attached.  More often than not, however, I am using pieces to build a set that has not been seen before and doesn’t have pre-made instructions. It is then incumbent upon me to work through all the possible pitfalls and to make it as repeatable as possible so that others down the road can follow the instructions that I’ve designed. Sometimes I even have to create new pieces from scratch in order to fit the desired outcome. That’s what I do. Only, instead of Lego pieces, I use lines of code, and instead of set pieces, they’re HR Integrations.

What is the story of how you came to work at Joynd?

It was by pure good fortune. I was on the precipice of graduation from university and was looking for a job that fit in line with my MIS degree. I had applied at other tech companies and through networking had come to discover a functionally brand new startup called CloudMills. I sent in my resumé and a few weeks later had a phone interview. The next week I visited their small office in the East Bay and it felt like a good fit.  About five years after that, CloudMills and HRNX “Joynd” forces and so we have… well… Joynd!

How would you describe a day in your life at work?

Each day is a combination of sprints and marathons. The marathons being any longer term project work with set deadlines; the sprints being any technical troubleshooting or production support tasks that may arise that day. One must learn how to adapt to doing both — a skill I’ve found not easily acquired. When efficient, I am prepared and have broken up my day into sections, running (and hopefully completing) sprints, then some respite before picking up where I left off on the previous day’s marathons or starting anew.

What would you say makes Joynd unique?

The most glaringly obvious attribute is that we have been virtual since the beginning. I did work in an office at one point with some other fellow Joynd members but the transition to full time remote work was relatively swift.  A second attribute is that none of us are blood related but it feels like a family. Even in small shops I’ve worked in the past, it never felt this way.

What are some things you’re passionate about, in or outside of work?

I am passionate about self improvement and increasing personal efficiency. Working out, body maintenance, culinary practices, reading and reflection are all part of my passion of self improvement. That passion for self improvement also bleeds into work. I find myself regularly tinkering with my process, trying to achieve maximum efficiency. Since projects can vary widely, I do my best to write down notes about the projects I have worked on and will bookmark a new or improved process that may be beneficial to other integrations in the future.

I also have a passion for sports and sports analytics. I can find beauty in practically every sport and I’m very much interested in finding the edge in any sport or game.