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Introducing Release 2.0 of the Joynd Portal – Your Home for Joynd-Powered Integrations

Joynd is committed to delivering dependable integrations that are informed by deep, HR-specific domain knowledge. We are successful when employers, employees, and HR technology vendors see improved workflow efficiencies, reduction in errors and time spent on administration, and better employee experiences.

With this mission in mind, we are proud to announce the launch of Release 2.0 of the Joynd Portal, a secure integration management solution that provides employers, partners, and our own team with tools and features to enable the successful planning, deployment and maintenance of Joynd-powered integrations. “We have established Joynd as the most extensive HR-integration solution provider in the industry, coupled with thoughtful, knowledgeable service,” commented Paul Mladineo, President of Joynd. “We have poured this experience, knowledge and care into the technology behind the Portal, so that we can offer an even more effective cloud-integration solution and capabilities to a broader set of employers, from small companies to global enterprises, and the vendors that serve them.”

Release 2.0 extends platform access to customers and partners, following a successful internal release in early 2023. This release of the Portal features the Connector Credentials function, which provides Joynd customers and partners with an efficient, secure method for collecting/entering HR application credentials. Using the Connector Credentials function, our customers and partners will realize the following benefits:

  • Privacy and Security: By providing a centralized, account-based, login-gated depot for entering credentials, the Portal ensures that the only people who can submit and view this crucial data are the correct people.  
  • Time Savings: With a central place to enter all the credentials needed to kick off a deployment, the Portal reduces back-and-forth communications by phone and email to submit and verify the information. Submitting credentials in this manner will expedite the deployment process.
  • Visibility and control: These are your credentials. This is your integration. Joynd is here to provide the most intelligent mechanism for your deployment, which you can monitor every step of the way.
  • Accuracy: The Portal provides a test function so that users can verify their credentials right away, identify any issues, and follow the provided troubleshooting to correct them (which also saves time). This feature will be included in the next release of the Portal.

“We are thrilled to elevate our service offering so that customers can have even easier access to business-critical integrations, and vendors can reap the rewards of having a trusted integration partner. This is a very exciting first step towards everything the Portal can and will do.” says Damian Newland, VP of Strategy and Growth.

About Joynd

Joynd’s HR integrations help employers save time and money by connecting their preferred applications, and give vendors a competitive advantage without having to be integration experts themselves. Our library of 300+ pre-built, configurable connectors and proprietary middleware platform were both developed for HR-specific processes. When you think HR integrations, think Joynd!