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Joynd partners with Ceridian to offer assessment integrations

Joynd is a proud member of the Dayforce Software Partner Program, providing standard integrations for top assessment vendors and giving their clients a better recruiting experience.

Joynd currently supports integrations between Dayforce and these assessment vendors. If your vendor of choice is not listed, get in touch with us about building a connector.

Assessments are considered a valuable part of the recruiting process, with companies often forming long-term partnerships with their assessment vendors. Assessments really shine when they are integrated:

  1. When the assessment is served to the candidate in a seamless manner, companies see far less candidate dropoff. The technology takes care of the time-consuming tedium that can plague the recruiting process and turn people off of a company, no matter how enticing the job.
  2. When the assessment results are fed back to recruiters and hiring managers in an automated fashion, they are able to make faster decisions, hire the A+ players they’re looking for, and get more value out of their technology investments.
  3. Integrations ensure that the data flowing from the candidate to the hiring manager will be far more accurate than relying on repeated data entry. This paves the way for a smooth onboarding and rewarding employee development experience.

If you have any questions about integrating your assessment vendor, justin.taylor@joynd.io can help you out.