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Velocity Network Foundation® hosts first Membership General Assembly

July 8, 2022 – The Velocity Network Foundation® will be holding its first in-person Membership General Assembly on July 13-14 in New York City. The event brings together leaders from across its membership to discuss innovation and key architectural issues, share best practices, and collaborate on addressing market needs to accelerate the adoption of Velocity Network™.

Velocity recently launched the Velocity Network Mainnet, a blockchain-based decentralized utility layer that replaces the outdated, fragmented manner in which career credentials are shared in the talent market. The network is a public utility that aligns incentives and redistributes value between all participants in the labor market.

As a member of the consortium, Joynd will be represented at the assembly by President Paul Mladineo and Chief Operating Officer Rick Barfoot. Mr. Mladineo will be a panelist for the Dutch Banking Cluster Roundup, while Mr. Barfoot will present on behalf of Velocity’s Standards Committee on the current schemas.

To learn more about the Velocity Network, visit Joynd’s Blockchain for HR page.