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5 Ways to Win With Assessments

If you are already using an assessment tool for recruiting or talent management, then you know how valuable the related insights can be. As a matter of fact, our Chief Operating Officer likes to say, “When it comes to HR technology investments, assessments are the best bang for your buck”.

We are here to help you take that ROI to the next level. Check out these five ways to amplify the value of your assessment tool (and if you’re an assessment vendor, share these tips with your customers).

1 – Value on multiple fronts

As any organization will attest, recruiting can be a long, expensive pursuit. Adding assessments to the process can play a huge role in identifying the right person faster, getting results that the other elements of the process may not be able to achieve.

Furthermore, many companies swear by assessments as a tool for employee development. Whether it be learning how to accomodate a person’s needs, coach that person to greater success, assemble high performing teams or facilitate recruiting-from-within, this is where loyalty to a particular tool runs deep.

But assessments really shine when they are integrated with recruiting and HR/talent systems.

2 – Less candidate dropoff

Imagine having assessments sent automatically to your candidates’ inboxes as soon as they apply to the job, rather than having the recruiter manually step through the process for each person (once that recruiter gets around to doing so). These days, candidates have a wealth of job opportunities, and you want to shine as the most caring and respectful of their time.

When the assessment is served to the candidate in a seamless manner, companies see far less candidate dropoff. Integrations take care of the time-consuming tedium that can plague the recruiting process and turn people off of a company, no matter how enticing the job.

3 – Faster turnaround

Likewise, integrations ensure that the assessment results are fed back to recruiters and hiring managers in an automated fashion, so that they are able to make faster decisions, hire the A+ players they’re looking for, and get more value out of their technology investment. That fancy recruiting system is only as powerful as all of the parts that feed into it, and integrations create that seamless flow of data.

“We are consistently being asked to do more with less, so this particular integration was a home run for us because the assessments were a valuable but time-intensive part of the hiring process.” – Craig Perry, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and HRIS, Logicalis US

4 – Better engagement

Aside from the time savings and process efficiency, integrations foster deeper engagement with the technology because people can more easily use it for its core purpose.

“Because we are giving more of this information to our people more quickly and up front, they’re all becoming more engaged in [our assessment tool]. They want to do more and they want to learn more. They want to understand all of the valuable information we are giving them.” – Craig Perry

5 – More secure

Integrating your assessment tool with your ATS can help with accuracy, privacy and security of data, given that information is being passed via secure APIs (with a Joynd integration) as opposed to copying/pasting information, emailing assessment results to yourself, storing results in spreadsheets, uploading via text files etc. 

If you’re wondering how easy it would be to integrate your assessment tool with your other HR applications, check out our list of pre-integrated vendors or get in touch with us.