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Joynd offers integrations between Lever and The Predictive Index® (plus more)

May 20, 2022 – Joynd is thrilled to offer integrations between Lever – a complete, scalable ATS and CRM solution for recruiting teams – and The Predictive Index (PI) – a leader in talent optimization that measures behavioral drives as well as cognitive ability.

With this integration, companies can initiate PI assessments from Lever as part of the hiring process and receive detailed scores and reporting back in Lever, providing a more efficient and rewarding experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

In addition to this featured integration with The Predictive Index, Joynd’s connector enables companies to integrate Lever with 30+ other assessment vendors and 100’s of background screening services. Integrations reduce data entry, save precious time, and help companies realize the value of their HR technology investments.

To learn more about the Lever/PI integration, visit our dedicated page. To learn more about other integrations with Lever, get in touch with us.

About Lever

Lever was founded in 2012 to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to grow their teams. They inject their values – collaboration, transparency, and humanity – into their software and re-imagine how organizations can think about growth, with talent and teamwork at the center.

About The Predictive Index

Since 1955, The Predictive Index has honed the wisdom, guidance, and tools that help inspire employees be their most productive and engaged. Their passion is to understand people and teams—specifically what drives behaviors at work. Their quest, like yours, is to discover how to impact that behavior, ignite enthusiasm, and align business strategy with talent strategy.