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How Integrations Help Background Screeners Compete

There are over 1,600 background screening companies in business today.

This number indicates how in-demand background screening services have become, with no signs of slowing down. This wealth of choice is wonderful for the companies who rely on background screening services because they can find the best fit for their needs. 

But the level of competition is high – as a background screener, how do you make yourself stand out? How do you get yourself into more hands, especially if you are a smaller shop? The answer is integrations. 

1. Get a seat at the bargaining table.

Integrations used to be a nice-to-have option when either trying to land a new customer or extending your relationship with an existing one. 

Today, integrations are a requirement. What used to be true for 5000+ employee organizations is now true for small companies: the HR department in small companies might be just one person, doing all the work of recruiting, onboarding, day-to-day employee management and terminations. It could be deemed critical that a solitary person’s work is as streamlined and error free as possible. 

In order to even take a seat at any of these bargaining tables, integrations are a must. One of the most common requirements in an RFP is the capacity to integrate, and you want to be able to say YES.

2. Extend the capabilities of your team.

Are you a proprietary platform?

Chances are, integrations are not a core competency of your development team. They were likely hired for their skills to develop your product, not integrate it with a multitude of third-party ATS solutions. Pulling engineers off of core product development can often lead to their job dissatisfaction, and even more notably, sabotage your product roadmap. 

By partnering with a company whose sole focus is integrating with HR systems, you can focus on your core product, have happier developers, and be able to market yourself as being integrated with an impressive number of ATS vendors. 

Are you operating on a third-party platform?

We have an extensive network of integrated Applicant Tracking Systems, seamlessly connected by our extensive library of certified connectors.

Nearly 100 background screening companies use our network every day, and if you operate on one of these platforms, you are pre-integrated with the Joynd network through them:

  • Accio Data
  • ClearStar
  • TazWorks
  • BackChecked
  • Epic Concepts

3. Make your customers even happier (and stickier).

Integrations eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, greatly reduce errors, ensure data integrity across platforms, accomplish multiple tasks at once, and expedite the hiring process. If you multiply this by the volume of hiring in a company, integrations can save your customers a lot of money. 

Furthermore, integrations increase product engagement and loyalty because your clients can more easily realize the power of your product’s features, rather than the burdens of “one more batch of data to contend with”.

Ultimately, integrations make life easier for HR professionals. We can help you be the one to deliver that joy.