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Observations from our Newest Recruit – Britt Baxley

Editor’s Note: Britt Baxley joined our team a couple of months ago, and while he is new to Joynd, he arrived with a wealth of industry experience. He penned this post for his personal LinkedIn account and I asked to share it with a wider audience because I admire his enthusiasm for what we do.


If you are in business today, it’s not news to you that HR technology is constantly growing with thousands of vendors and new ones showing up every year. Add that to the Great Resignation, and this has caused organizations to refocus their talent strategies while also forcing many to begin looking for innovative solutions that can support their new goals and increase efficiency (like the Velocity Network Foundation’s “Internet of Careers” powered by blockchain for example). Meanwhile, data plays a critical role in the success of any strategy by being able to make informed decisions using the right business insights.

The problems many face are: What is the best way to approach the various systems we need to integrate? What data do we need to flow? Where do we find the resources to devote to integrations and what projects do we pull them from in order to do so? How much will this cost and how long will it take? (and more)

Or, if you are one of the many HR Tech vendors, what do we deprioritize internally to dedicate resources to build, maintain, and support the ever-growing list of vendors that our clients may need to connect with our platform? How do we ensure that our sales and support teams are enabled to have the right conversations with our clients about the continuously-evolving need for integrations?

Great news! Joynd can help solve these problems and more! With over 400 partnered connectors (more added every month), we can take the burden of integrations off your plate.

So, if you haven’t checked us out, please do not hesitate to do so. Save yourself and your organization the time and resources of navigating your HR integrations moving forward!