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First Steps and the Right Ingredients for a Successful Integration

This is the fourth installment of our FAQ series. See the full list of HR integration FAQs here.

What is the first step in an integration process?

You and your team would need to identify your requirements – what type of integration you need, what data fields would need to be mapped, what processes would be triggered when, what business roles would need to be considered, etc. At Joynd we are experts in HR-specific integrations so we are very familiar with tools and best practices for your systems. If you don’t know where to start, we have helpful, guiding hands that can lead you through everything starting with identifying requirements.

What are the ingredients for a successful integration?

  1. All required resources are ready to start the project at the same time.
  2. Your company knows what they are looking for at a detailed level. Joynd can help with this!
  3. The requirements do not change during the development process (Joynd is very skilled in anticipating the exceptions to the rules in advance, and ensuring all stakeholders are in agreement).

Note: Joynd also offers a rapid deployment program for select integrations in our Integration Marketplace.