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Types of Integrations and Who Needs to be Involved

This is the third installment of our FAQ series. See the full list of HR integration FAQs here.

What type of integrations does Joynd deliver?

Joynd’s proprietary middleware platform facilitates integrations between any HR technology vendors that have the ability to import or export data regardless of the technical method. 

We have experience working through a vast range of HR processes, with the domain expertise to navigate any integration. Think of us as your HR IT department that makes sure your systems stay connected forever. We know the technical elements inside out and can interpret them for you.

Joynd has the most expansive library of pre-built, configurable connectors in the HR industry, which makes it quick and easy for us to deploy the most common integrations for you. We have also launched a sub-set of our integrations in a rapid deployment marketplace.

If I’m doing an integration with Joynd, who needs to be involved?

From your company, we would need someone with the vision for process efficiency (who will tell you what they want it to look like when it’s done), and the practitioner who experiences the most pain every day (who will give you the specifics of what needs to change) – sometimes this is the same person. We often don’t have anyone from your IT department involved, but you could have a project manager.

From the technology vendor side, having a representative from each company depends upon the type of integration (for example, most background screening integrations require the vendor’s involvement, but some onboarding integrations do not).

Joynd may provide an Integration Manager who will work directly with you and your vendors for the entire project.