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Huge influx of Joynd integrations in SmartRecruiters Marketplace

January 30, 2023 – Joynd is proud to announce the deployment of nine premium vendor integrations that will be featured in the SmartRecruiters Marketplace. SmartRecruiters customers will now have easy access to these industry-leading screening providers:

  • Certn: Background checks you can trust. Built for the best candidate and recruiter experience. Reduce your time to hire by 80% and get results in minutes..
  • First Advantage CAST: Easily perform pre-employment background checks and background screening for your employees and contractors. Build a unique, robust solution with our suite of screening services to help you minimize risk and maintain compliance.
  • JDP: JDP’s comprehensive suite of FCRA-compliant background check solutions makes it easy to get accurate, researcher-verified information about your candidates.
  • SimpliVerified: SimpliVerified is a fully equipped background check and consumer reporting agency with a wide range of screening services with the best sources and technology available.
  • Sterling BackCheck: Sterling background and identity solutions help you build a foundation of trust and safety for your employees, customers, and partners around the world.
  • Testgrid: See their on-the-job performance before you make the offer. Testgrid provides pre-employment psychometric assessments helping you match your company’s needs with the right person for the role.
  • The Predictive Index: People are the heart of your business.. Hire the right people, inspire their best work, design dream teams, and sustain engagement for the long haul.
  • TrustId: Experts in identity document verification services, designed to make identity checks easy, from your office or remotely. As a certified IDSP, hundreds of organizations large and small trust our market-leading services to simplify ID checks, protect themselves from fraud, save time and drive efficiencies..
  • Vieple: World-leading video interview software simplifying your remote recruitment and allowing you to screen top talent, faster. Vieple is simple, flexible, fair and secure.

Joynd offers an expansive library of HR application connectors, enabling companies to have the HR tech stack of their dreams. Whether you’re an HR application vendor or an employer, we can be your trusted integration provider.