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Welcome to the New Joynd Website!

February 23, 2023 – The Joynd team is thrilled to launch a new website, offering expanded content and an enhanced visitor experience for HR professionals and HR technology vendors.

The redesigned site has been purpose built to support Joynd’s goal to provide painless, exceptional HR integrations:

  • The “How It Works” page answers one of the most frequently asked questions that we get from employers and vendors alike. Whether you need a simple breakdown to help demystify integrations or expert insights to help close a deal, you can rely on Joynd’s decades of HR-specific experience. 
  • The “Connections” page addresses a need indicated to us by being the second-most-visited page on our site (and the number one frequently-asked question). People simply want to know whether we can integrate their HR applications of choice, and the answer is now far more accessible and educational, with search functionality, filtered lists, and information about each vendor in our network.
  • The shift to a new underlying website platform has laid the foundation for future expansion towards easier integration management and self-service capabilities.

“The new website marks a very important chapter for Joynd,” says Paul Mladineo, President and Chief Revenue Officer. “The site reflects Joynd’s deep HR tech domain knowledge, mastery of a broad spectrum of integration solutions, and high level of service for enterprise employers, while also providing a gateway for smaller and mid-sized employers to have greater access to a marketplace of integrations to aid in their business growth.”

About Joynd: Joynd is an integration middleware solution provider focused exclusively on HR applications. Our integrations help employers more effectively find, hire, and onboard the right people into the right jobs, creating a more rewarding work experience and happier lives. Furthermore, Joynd brings joy to HR technology vendors by helping them focus on their core product development, win more business, and improve customer retention.