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HR Integration Checklist

There are many reasons to need HR integrations. Which of these apply to you?

  • You’re investing in new HR applications or switching vendors (because you want to use the solutions that work best for your company’s goals)
  • You’re spending too much time on data entry
  • You want to mitigate the risk of compliance errors
  • You’re looking to boost your bottom line by automating time-consuming processes

If you indicated yes to any of these, you’re ready for integrations. This article will guide you through a checklist so that you will feel confident during the integration process. 

  • DISCOVERY: Ask Joynd about our integrations with your HR applications of choice. Many vendors simply do not have the integrations that you need, or advertise compatibility with their counterparts, but in practice the integrations do not function the way you expect they will. Joynd builds standard connectors for repeatable integrations, and those connectors have been built by experts with a deep understanding of the language of HR.
  • TEAM BUILDING: On your side, it is helpful to assemble your own team of experts: someone with the vision for process efficiency (who knows what the ideal process will look like, when done), and someone who uses the HR applications on a regular basis and knows the pain points (this can be the same person). You don’t need to have technical knowledge of your systems or be an expert at integrations, that’s our job! 
  • IT INVOLVEMENT: Do you need someone from your IT department? Not usually. If you work with Joynd, you can think of us as your HR IT department that makes sure your systems stay connected forever. We know the technical elements inside out and can interpret them for you.
  • REQUIREMENTS GATHERING: What type of integration do you need? What data fields need to be mapped? What processes would be triggered when? What business roles would need to be considered? At Joynd we are experts in HR-specific integrations so we are very familiar with tools and best practices for your systems – our standard connectors often fulfill our customers’ needs. If you don’t know where to start, we have helpful, guiding hands that can lead you through everything starting with identifying requirements.
  • CONFIGURATION/SETUP: Depending on the type of integration, you may need a representative from the vendor(s) during the configuration and setup stage, which Joynd can coordinate. Joynd may also provide an Implementation Manager who will work directly with you and your vendors for the entire project.
  • TESTING & PRODUCTION: Here’s the exciting part. A demonstration of the integration working in a test environment and an opportunity for the team to go through an end-to-end process to validate the integration. Then we move the integration to production when everyone gives the thumbs up.
  • SUPPORT FOR THE LIFETIME OF YOUR INTEGRATION: We take care of any ongoing maintenance requirements. Our support lines are open from 9am-9pm on weekdays, and if your vendor’s API changes, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure your data stays flowing.
  • A SUCCESSFUL INTEGRATION INCLUDES: All required resources are ready to start the project at the same time, the requirements are well defined (we can help) and the requirements do not change during the development process. Joynd is very skilled in anticipating the exceptions to the rules in advance, and ensuring all stakeholders are in agreement.

Joynd is here for you. We understand the language of Human Resources and the operational variabilities of your applications. We have seen every use case and we know your vendors – please reach out to get started on your checklist.