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Joynd Integration Marketplace Offers RAPID Deployment for UKG Ready – Greenhouse Hires

As a longtime UKG Technology Partner, Joynd has implemented dozens of integrations for the UKG Pro and UKG Ready products, but this one is truly special:

Now UKG Ready customers can connect with Greenhouse through our RAPID program, leveraging Joynd’s expertise to automatically create a new employee in UKG Ready without having to re-enter information already captured in Greenhouse during the hiring process. 

This painless deployment will get you to the time- and money-saving benefits of integrations faster, informed by Joynd’s application-specific knowledge that fuels the most robust and reliable HR integrations on the market. 

The implementation is as easy as filling out a simple form on our website which will generate an e-contract for you to sign. We’ll do a kickoff call and provide you with just a few easy configuration steps, followed by a deployment call to get your data flowing between the two applications (no IT Departments needed).

The extensive list of fields in this RAPID deployment include: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Email, Start Date, Location, Department, Manager ID, Status, Job Title, Employee Type, Hourly/Salary, Rate (Hourly), and Salary Amount. Additional workflows and fields are available for a fee.

Joynd’s Integration Marketplace is home to other RAPID deployments for UKG Pro and UKG Ready, offering integrations with top background screening and assessment vendors in as quickly as 48 hours. Visit our Connections page to see a full list of integrations for UKG and Greenhouse products in the Joynd network.